P2 Rated Round (Penny) Light

P2 Rated Round (Penny) Light


The 3/4" Marker LED Lights with BOARDFREE® technology are durable and corrosion resistant. The use of BOARDFREE® technology provides a compact housing with one LED. The acrylic construction provides a sealed housing to withstand harsh chemicals and corrosion.

  • ABS and acrylic construction
  • Resistant to impact, corrosion, harsh chemicals and UV exposure
  • Sealed and greased male 2 Pin AMP connector
  • BOARDFREE® technology with a single diode
  • Meets SAE P2 standard for marker lights
  • Anti-theft mounting ring available

  Amber Red
Voltage 12V 12V
Current 33 mA 33 mA
Connector 2 Pin AMP 2 Pin AMP
Material PMMA PMMA
FMVSS Rating P2 P2
Number of LEDs 1 1
3/4” Anti Theft Ring

Manufactured by Innotec for exclusive distribution by Phillips Industries - A California Corporation

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