PERMALITE XTLow Profile Marker - Clearance Lights
PERMALITE XTJ2039 side turn light B
PERMALITE XTJ2039 side turn light
PERMALITE XTP2 Rated Round (Penny) Light
PERMALITE XTRound Stop Tail Turn Light
PERMALITE XTSide Turn & Stop Tail Turn Lights
PERMALITE XTPC2 Rated Round Marker Clearance Light
PERMALITE XTAnti-Theft Stop-Tail-Turn Light
PERMALITE XTRound Flange Mount Stop-Tail-Turn Light
PERMALITE XTRound Grommet Mount Stop-Tail-Turn Light and Grommet
PERMALITE XTRated Round Marker / Clearance Light Trim Ring

Manufactured by Innotec for exclusive distribution by Phillips Industries - A California Corporation

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